high school & young adults pastor

Ministry at McBIC: Cody has served as High School and Young Adults Pastor since April of 2017.

Family: Cody’s family lives outside of Philadelphia, PA, where he grew up his entire life. He now owns a home in Mechanicsburg.

Education: Cody graduated from Messiah College in 2011 with a degree in Christian Ministries, concentration in Youth Ministry. He hopes to attend grad school to obtain his Masters in Counseling or Divinity.

Cody’s Passion: Cody has always had a heart for students; to watch a young person come into a deeper understanding of the Father and of themselves is one of his greatest joys. He believes teenagers have some of the most unlocked potential of any demographic, and he loves to see students realize that and step into their true identities.

Cody’s Hobbies: Cody enjoys playing volleyball, spikeball, and tennis. He loves singing, playing guitar and piano, and leading worship. His favorite thing in the world is taking naps, though a good conversation at Chick-Fil-A or Juice ’N Java will pull him out of bed any day.


middle school & young adults pastor

Ministry at McBIC: Evan has served as Middle School and Young Adults Pastor as of May, 2017.

Family: Evan grew up in Bucks County, PA with his mom and dad and two siblings, Allison and Thomas. He and his wife Lauren (married June 2019) currently lives in Mechanicsburg.

Education: Evan graduated from Messiah College in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministries, with a concentration in Youth Ministry.

Evan’s Passion: Evan is passionate about encouraging young people to mature into faithful followers of Jesus. Adolescence is a time permeated with change and Evan loves to see teenagers find safety, rest, and confidence in God.

Evan’s Hobbies: Evan enjoys playing music, spending time on the golf course, and eating Chick-Fil-A. He’d love to get a meal or just hang out with you!